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automatic dekompressor

Verfasst: 4. Februar 2008, 13:02
von danijel044
Hello. Can somebody explain how to adjust automatic dekompressor cable on honda xl 500r.

Verfasst: 4. Februar 2008, 14:32
von Gunnar_HH

its quiet simple. Please download the original Manual from the italian websites:

Then have a look at the side 22-14 there is the exact description.

Or short version: Piston in "T" and free play 1-2mm.

Best regards Gunnar

Verfasst: 17. Februar 2008, 12:20
von danijel044
Hello...Now I got another question... As soon I put my foot on kickstarter the automatic dekompressor lever starts to move(ex valves open) and then I hear "click" and lever goes back where it was (ex valves are close)...when that "click" happens piston is in "T"??? Then I just go on try to start engine without lifting my foot from kickstarter (if I lift it then kick starter will go back to start position and lever will again open the valves )??? Or is it something wrong?? I'm afraid that valves will be open in wrong time and piston will hit them. Cam is adjusted correct. I have also change cam foolower beacuse it was broken..

Please help....

Verfasst: 17. Februar 2008, 20:29
von Dominik
1. Step on the kickstarter till you feel compression.
2. Lift the kickstarter to top-position.
3. Kickstart the engine.
If the engine doesn't start, start over with step 1.
I'm afraid that valves will be open in wrong time and piston will hit them.
If everything ist adjusted correct, there is no need to be afraid.

If you don't trust your own skills, you can do a test: Follow steps 1 and 2. Then remove the spark plug and turn the engine slowly instead of kickstarting it. If it runs free now, it will run free the next time too.

But actual there is no need for beeing so shy.


Verfasst: 18. Februar 2008, 15:43
von danijel044
No no...You didn't understand me correct...and I haven't explain the problem correct...dekomopresion lever goes back into starting position to soon. I move kickstarter from starting position to down just for 2-5cm and in that 5 cm valves open and close...

Verfasst: 18. Februar 2008, 18:24
von Dominik
I'm afraid that valves will be open in wrong time and piston will hit them.
The auto-dekompression never opens the ex-valve far enough to touch the piston. It is designed to open the ex-valve while the piston is in top-position. There is no danger.

... dekomopresion lever goes back into starting position to soon
I don't think it goes back to soon. As far as I understand the system, it works this way:

When you step on the kicker, the auto-dekompression lifts the ex-valves. Regardless in which position the piston is. After moving the Kickstarter 2 cm or so, it closes again.

This means: When you step on the kickstarter the first time, the ex-valve opens pretty useless (but unharmfull). As you push the Kickstarter further, the ex-valve closes again and you push the piston into compression.

Now you release the kickstarter and start over, kickstarting the engine "for real" this time. The dekompressor again starts working in the first centimeters and lifts the ex-valve. This helps you to overcome the compression. You accelerate the piston till it reaches the next compression. The dekompression now stays closed. The engine starts.

That's the way the auto-dekompression-mechanism works in my humble opinion.


Aarrrgh :evil: . It's not posible to write "closed" without having this stupid idiot closing the curtains :twisted: :aerger: :motz: :aerger: :willnicht: Can someone pleeeaaasse kill him!?!

Verfasst: 18. Februar 2008, 18:41
von danijel044
Ok thanks..That means that I have put it all correct. Right?? about "closed" -hupf

Verfasst: 18. Februar 2008, 18:46
von danijel044
closed :fight:

Verfasst: 18. Februar 2008, 20:41
von Dominik
Well done! He's dead :wink: .