removing engine paint tip

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removing engine paint tip

Beitrag von baldock »

I'm nearing the end of my restoration and am about to spray the crankcases in satin black 2k.

I tried removing the original paint with stripper and wire wool, but I was using so much wool due to it clogging up with sludge and barely any paint was coming off.

Finally I used paint stripper and a stainless steel scrub pad (normally used for washing the dishes).

Although made of stainless steel, they are very soft and haven't scratched the aluminum surface.

It only took one pad to do the whole engine and the process was a lot quicker with less effort.
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Re: removing engine paint tip

Beitrag von Zorc22 »

2 years before i had the same problem. I also tried to use chemical de-painter / stripper , sandpaper, brush - its working, but i am not satisfied.
I didnt use this stainless steel pads ( because i didnt know ).
Based of a "very good hint " i tried to use blasting with soda :cry: . Its not really good working and the Soda you will found everywhere - yes everywhere :mrgreen:
So for the next time i will try to use " ice blasting" . Unfortunatly its not possible to made " at home " and the next blasting company is about 100 km away. But this " dry ice blasting " should work really fine.
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Re: removing engine paint tip

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Re: removing engine paint tip

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